Tuesday, April 8, 2014

BitX -Completed......

BitX (G6LBQ) MK2  project is almost completed..(

I haven't started to build a PA stage. Not considering a high power PA stage for this transceiver. A PA with 10-20W output will be good enough for this.

Since the Tx stages are not functional, I haven't connected LPF and microphone at all.

I am operating ( receiving to be precise) the BitX using a PIC based DDS VFO. I am not happy with its performance. Since the BITX IF is set to 11.0592 Mhz , the VFO frequency should be rxFreq + 11.0592Mhz.  VFO is low in amplitude at the high end of HF. Redesigning the LPF at the VFO final stage can solve the this issue up to some extend. I don't want to do any changes this VFO.

Next task is to build a nice VFO based on the arduino, possibly use the Arduino Mega itself as it has lot of program memory and EEPROM to store user settings.
One option is to drive the locally available AD9850 DDS board from the Arduino, or it will be better to use the Si570. Si570 is bit costlier as compared to the AD9850 module , but the stability and frequency range of this little monster Si570 will override the cost factor.


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